About Adili Africa

What We Do


To work with marginalized artisans in trade, education, financial solutions and health and trade.
To improve their livelihoods.
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    Africa has the fastest-growing and most youthful population in the world. Adili Africa believe in empowering and supporting women and youth by creating a sense of purpose and hope through sustainable employment. We collaborate with women and youth to produce and sustainable, market unique, hand-made, quality baskets, bags, home decor and other products using traditional techniques. Our wide range of products are made from sustainable, renewable and environment-friendly materials for both local and international market. It helps with economically sustain the women, youth and their families.
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    Adili Africa works with groups of artisan women and youth to ensure financial empowerment and literacy is achieved. Through our table banking programmes, order facilitation, cash for work programs the women are able to earn an income that assists in their daily family needs, start-up capital, investment ventures and savings. Adili Africa aims to promote the SDGs goals through these programs.
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Supported Artisans

Uniquely made crafts by great artisans.

Adili Africa’s mission is to ensure that we provide long-term solution to poverty by creating employment opportunities.
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    Health and Sports
    One of the challenges of the urban poor women and youth is health issues which in turn interferes with their productivity. Adili Africa collaborates with different organizations and communities, through our medical camps the artisans together with families and community benefit from our regular medical camps. Adili Africa also engages the communities in different sports tournament to ensure physical and mental well-being for the women and youth.
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    The core focus of Adili Africa is to promote micro enterprise network in Kenya. Through our training programs the artisans are able to become self-sustaining. Our training programmes cover business development, product development, basic accounting and financial skills, marketing skills, and personal development.